One of the most restrictive abortion laws the Texas Heartbeat Act goes into effect - What's Your Point?


The laws governing the Lone Star State are changing and in some cases, those changes are dramatic and life-altering.

Texas law banning most abortions takes effect after Supreme Court stays silent

As of September 1st, Texas is home to what is likely the most restrictive standard for obtaining a legal abortion in the entire nation.

Texas doctors association says abortion ban encourages vigilante interference

Medical experts say the "Texas Heartbeat Act" will prohibit the procedure for most women beyond their sixth week of pregnancy and employs what legal authorities have called a novel approach to enforcement.
The new law empowers any citizen to sue anyone they suspect of aiding or enabling an abortion deemed to be illegal under the new stricter guidelines established by the Republican-controlled legislature.

The law will be fiercely challenged in court with at least one legal scholar contending - the Texas statute and Rowe vs Wade simply cannot co-exist.

A measure that would totally outlaw abortion in Texas if the landmark Rowe versus wade decision were overturned by the Supreme Court was also passed.

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This week in the special legislative session Republicans pushed forward a bill that would ban chemically induced abortions after the seventh week of pregnancy.