Mail-in voting battle continues in Texas - What's Your Point?

Elections are coming soon in the Lone Star State, and Democrats say Texans should not have to choose to remain safe for their health and exercising the right to vote. They are fighting to allow all voters fearful of infection to vote by mail - as allowed in several other states. Top Republicans, including  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, believe the mail in ballot proposal is unnecessary, unlawful and ripe for exploitation. 

This week’s panel Bob Price, Associate Editor Breitbart Texas, Charles Blain, founder, Urban Reform, Carmen Roe, Fox 26 legal analyst and attorney,  Tomaro Bell, Superneighborhood leader, Antonio Diaz,  writer, educator and radio host of Latino Politics and News.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) —  May 20, 2020   A federal appeals court Wednesday quickly put on a hold a ruling that paved the way in Texas for a dramatic expansion of mail-in voting due to fears of the coronavirus.

The move by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans came less than 24 hours after a federal judge in San Antonio ruled that Texas must give all 16 million registered voters in the state the option of voting by mail during the pandemic.

A three-judge panel stopped that decision from taking effect for now while the case is reviewed. Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton cheered the decision, saying that allowing everyone to vote by mail “would only lead to greater fraud and disenfrachise lawful voters.” U.S. District Judge Fred Biery said in his ruling Tuesday that there was scant evidence to support those claims, and states that already allow all-mail votes have not reported significant fraud.

Voting by mail in Texas is generally limited to those 65 or older or those with a “sickness or physical condition” that prevents voting in person. Paxton has asserted that fear of getting the virus doesn’t qualify as a disability under the law.

The fight in Texas is one of several nationwide over expanding access to mail-in ballots amid the pandemic. Primary runoff elections in Texas are set for July 14.