"I feel deceived" 5th Ward residents upset about delays in creosote clean-up and politicians promises - What's

Cancer.  In the 5th Ward there is lots of it, too much to write off as a matter of chance...some random biological "anomaly".

 Scientists and doctors have identified a vector,  creosote contamination from a rail yard owned by Union Pacific.

This week we learned many of the same elected leaders who have publicly called for "clean-up" and "compensation" - have also accepted substantial political contributions from the corporate polluter.

Reaction from the neighborhoods has been predictable....and justified.

Fox 26 reported this week Union Pacific contributions were accepted by Mayor Sylvester Turner and state senators Carol Alvarado, Boris Miles, and John Whitmire.

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All say they stand with the residents of the 5th Ward, and will continue to fight for clean-up.