Houston and its firefighters reach deal - what's next?

 For the past eight years, without hesitation, they have run into burning buildings, plowed into floodwaters to rescue the vulnerable, tended to legions sickened by the deadly pandemic, and preserved the failing heartbeats of those struck by bullets or mangled in collisions.

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Houston's firefighters have done all of that and much more....without a contract and the negotiated pay and benefits hikes to which the law says they are entitled.

 On Thursday, that calculated mistreatment of selfless first responders officially came to an end.

Greg Groogan talks one one-on-one with firefighter union president Marty Lancton.

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 Promise made - promise kept.

 Houston Mayor John Whitmire pledged to end the eight-year ordeal of firefighters, and on the last day of his second month of office...he did just that.

 No question - it will not be cheap.

 By stiffing firefighters for eight consecutive years, former mayor Sylvester Turner left what amounts to a "balloon note" for his successor...as he and his city council spent funding that should have gone to collectively bargained annual pay raises. On other things.

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