Harris County $30 million relief fund available to all residents even the undocumented- What's Your Point?

By yet another three to two vote, a deeply divided Harris County Commissioner's Court dipped into its diminishing savings account this week and pulled out $30 million dollars for direct cash grants to families and individuals Judge Lina Hidalgo calls - the "neediest of the needy". 

The funds will flow through the hands of non-profits directly to residents, many of whom received no federal stimulus check because they are living in Harris County without immigration documentation.

Commissioner Jack Cagle says he voted against the aid because it more than likely won't be reimbursed by the federal government.

The panel discusses in a time of limited resources, should citizens have priority over non-citizens, or should it really not matter? This week’s panel Bob Price, Associate Editor Breitbart Texas, Charles Blain, founder, Urban Reform, Carmen Roe, Fox 26 legal analyst and attorney,  Tomaro Bell, Superneighborhood leader, Antonio Diaz,  writer, educator and radio host of Latino Politics and News.

 $30 million Harris County grant relief fund