Democrats don't gain commissioners court supermajority - What's Your Point?

For Democrats in Harris County, the outcome of this 2020 election has to be bittersweet. Despite some spirited challenges, every elected office on the ballot, save for one, remained in Democratic hands. The sole Republican winner, Tom Ramsey in the battle to succeed Steve Radack as the Precinct Three County Commissioner.

As we’ve pointed out, had Democrat Michael Moore prevailed, Judge Lina Hidalgo would have gained the benefit of a four-to-one super-majority on commissioners’ court, and with it, eliminated the ability of Republicans to block any future plan to raise property taxes.

This week's panel; Bob Price, Associate Editor Breitbart Texas, Tomaro Bell, neighborhood leader, Carmen Roe, Houston attorney, Charles Blain, founder Urban Reform, Chris Tritico, a senior legal analyst at FOX 26 join Greg Groogan to discuss the makeup of the Harris County Commissioner's Court and what lies ahead

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