Contract controversy raises voices in County Commissioners Court - What's Your Point?

A "spectacle".
I could use several other terms to describe what unfolded at Harris County Commissioner's Court - but this is, after all, Sunday morning and even we - have standards.

Suffice it to say when the discussion turned to a highly suspect, $11 million  COVID 19 communication contract awarded to a one woman-firm, with few resources and a very corporate short track record 

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 County Judge Lina Hidalgo went on the attack, and Precinct  4 Commissioner Jack Cagle. wasn't having it.

Within hours the Houston Chronicle had confirmed Cagle was right 
Judge Hidalgo went on to attack the integrity of Republicans on the court for taking contributions from people seeking business from the county, apparently unconcerned or perhaps unaware that her two Democratic allies on the court - do the exact same thing.

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