Texas City gold medalist just keeps getting faster

 Zannah Nash is an 11-year-old from Texas City who has set a new American record for the 1500-meter race in speed skating. She recently won a gold medal at a national championship in Colorado Springs for her age group, and she says she's just getting started.

Zannah's coach Daryl Hunter tells us that she's, "one of those skaters, that just took to it, like a duck to water." He goes on to explain that speed skating is similar to NASCAR, "A lot of jockeying for position, crashes, excitement. . .  There's strategy in it."

Her mother explains Zannah has always been a competitive athlete, "She kayaks, surfs, she's a first degree black belt, she was in gymnastics, but this is something that she truly loves."
Zannah picked up the sport less than 4 years ago. She now spends more than 11 hours, 6 days a week, speed skating behind her dad on an electric bicycle. However, she's getting too fast for that, so soon, she'll start drafting behind a car to get her footwork even quicker. Her next competition is scheduled for the end of the month.