Sugar Land Skeeters host first game since quarantine

The excitement in Sugar Land this evening as baseballs fan took advantage of getting outdoors and attended the first live sporting event in our area since quarantine started months ago.

Needless to say, the experience of going to a ball game was different for the Skeeters home opener, but fans tell us, quite frankly, they just wanted to get out of the house.

“Well, we are excited to be out here. We think it will be fun, and get out of the house, so that’s why we came.“ said Nick Perry.

Management at Constellation Field took every precaution to ensure the safety of fans, and their players. Pete Incaviglia, Manager of the Skeeters tells FOX 26, “The amount of work that goes on to put something like this, and keep everybody safe, you know I mean, we’ve had the CDC out here. We are checking players, you know, we got blood test, you know, nose test, I mean we get tested every week, I mean it’s been a great situation. The guys are ready to play, I mean we’ve been out here running around for three days and they are chomping on the bit.”

Courtney Hawkins, an outfielder for the team says he is pleased with management's response “I know the Skeeters. They’ve done a great job with every seat has been sanitized, every rail, every everything from our clubhouse to the dugouts, like they’ve done a good job with cleaning, sanitizing everything around here.”

Wearing a mask is a requirement, and every ticket holder got the temperatures checked before entering the field. Every other row was also left empty. People we spoke with felt safe because of the procedures in place.

“I’m not really worried, we have to social distancing, everybody has mask. I think it is a safe environment. Should be good.” said Perry.