Ron Hoff, Running Back, Katy High School - Player of the Week

The 2019 high school football season has begun and with that the return of the Greater Houston Honda Dealers Player of the Week award.  Katy High School had a big win over North Shore High School 24- 21.

Running Back Ron Hoff had over 32 carries, over 200 yards and the winning touchdown.

Ron says, "The offense line they always do their job always work to get better and that's the reason why I had the success. God is good and with these guys behind me that's all I need. I just give them the thanks and give God all the glory."

Coach Gary Joseph added. "No question it was a team win, all of them contributed, and I was very proud of them the way they responded when they were down. This is just the first game, and it kind of gives you an indication of what you can do the rest of the season. No doubt North Shore's got a great football team, a great football club and it was a great ball game to open the season."

Congratulations to Ron Hoff, player of the week.