'I want what they want': Houston Rockets' staff support NBA stand for social justice

Wednesday, Aug. 26, was a historic day for not only the NBA, but American sports as we know it. For the first time since 1961, NBA players decided to boycott play. Unfortunately, the reasoning behind the boycott was the same as it was 50 years ago, social injustice. 

The Milwaukee Bucks were the first NBA team to make the decision to boycott. They were set to play in Game 5 of their series against the Orlando Magic.

The Bucks basketball arena is just 40 minutes from Kenosha, Wisconsin. (The same city where Jacob Blake was shot seven times by police.) 

From there it was a trickle-down effect as players, coaches and even media members (Kenny 'The Jet' Smith) unified to demand justice for Jacob Blake. 

As the ball stopped bouncing the world stood still, it was an unprecedented moment for everyone involved.


All of the playoff games were postponed while the league met to figure out the plan for the rest of the season. The meeting was packed with players, coaches and league officials. 

Houston Rockets player development coach, John Lucas was one of the leaders in the room who spoke on behalf of the coaches.

"I want what they want. They want social justice and they want to be able to make a difference in Black Lives as well as all lives that matter, to end police brutality," Lucas said.

This is the second wave of NBA players being vocal about social injustice. The first was the protesting behind the death of George Floyd. Houston guard Russell Westbrook went to his hometown of Compton, California to lend his voice to the cause: 

This morning, league officials met with the players and decided to continue playoff basketball. But discussions are still being had on what exactly happens from here. Players still want to make sure the movement doesn't end in vain. Wednesday's boycott gave the social justice movement an even bigger platform to stand on.