Woman charged with making false 911 calls allegedly motivated by jealousy

"When I got a call this morning from my sister telling me all of this I was dumbfounded," said Tommy Arce.

Arce says 53-year-old Patricia Ann Garcia has been dating his father for about a year.

Garcia was arrested at his fathers home which is directly across the street on Harding where Dennis Tuttle and his wife Rhogena were killed during a botched drug raid earlier this year. She has been hit with federal charges for allegedly conveying false information by making several fake 911 calls.

Garcia lives with her mother about five houses away.

Patricia Ann Garcia is no stranger to police, she has a lengthy rap sheet of misdemeanors. In 2013, she got a felony conviction for drug possession.

According to the federal indictment, Garcia made multiple calls to 911 claiming the Tuttles were machine gun-toting drug dealers and Rhogena was a heroin dealer and addict.

When we asked Tommy Arce if he thought Garcia was capable of that, his answer was yes. He said he didn't know of any bad blood between Garcia and the Tuttles, but said no one suspected them of drug dealing.

His father told us Garcia thought Rhogena was interested in him romantically and she made the false 911 calls out of jealousy. He told us she doesn't know the disgraced officers involved in the botched raid.

Garcia's federal detention hearing is scheduled for this Friday.