Woman accuses AC repairman of calling her the N-word

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Lenora Lewis teaches math at two community colleges in Harris County, but when her air conditioner repair guy got angry with her all he saw according to Lewis was a Black crackhead.

She says, "I was done when I was very upset when I heard that."

Lewis says she called her home warranty company American Home Shield when her air conditioning unit went out.  She says the company sent out a contractor Buchanan Air of Porter.

But Lewis says when she inspected the work she noticed wires exposed on the unit.  American Home Shield told her to call the contractor back out.

She says, "then I started to explaining to him about the wires and how it was sticking out of my air conditioner ...I just want you to do it correctly."

Lewis says the owner of Buchanan Air, Paul Buchanan, was very hostile during the first call so she decided to record the second call.  She says that's when the air condition technician is heard calling her the n-word.