WNBA Legend Swoopes creates free camp for girls

Sheryl Swoopes was the first person to be signed to the WNBA. The four-time WNBA Champion & three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, wants to make sure she passes experience and knowledge to young girls not just on the court, but off the court as well.

Swoopes hosted her first all-girls elite basketball camp, Swoopes Hoops Elite Basketball camp. She put an all-star coaching team together to execute the best skills for some of the best talent. Her team received over 50 registrations from all over the country. Only 30 girls could be chosen to attend the camp. The girls range from eighth to eleventh grade.


Swoopes says, "I wanted to create an experience for the top girls. There are always basketball camps for boys and the attention placed on boys; but there are so many girls with just as much talent, but we are never talked about. Girls are truly the future and I want to do my part in making sure as women we are not only seen, but heard." 

The Hall of Famer is hoping to add more camps for more girls and more sponsorships to provide more opportunities.