Wiz Khalifa disrespects the DJ

Hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa was seen disrespecting and bullying a DJ in the now viral video that surfaced from Poppy, a nightclub in LA.

In the video, you can hear Wiz Khalifa telling the DJ's that they are horrible, even trying to invite the DJ to fight. DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron kept their composure, even while Wiz was pushing the DJ in his chest and from behind, flipping his cap off his head.


Sources close to the incident say that Wiz Khalifa was angry that the DJ had not followed instructions that were sent to him earlier that day. Apparently he wanted to make sure his new album, Stoner’s Night, was being played instead of the older songs that the crowd may have been more familiar with.

Music lovers have taken to Wiz’s social media to stand up for the DJs and let him know that he was definitely in the wrong. Some DJs have also now started a ban on playing any of his music.

No word yet from Wiz since the incident.