Witness to murder had relationship with deputy, per court documents

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A new revelation has emerged in a court document, in the case involving late Deputy Darren Goforth, which indicates he had a relationship with a female witness to the murder. The D.A.'s office confirms it disclosed the female witness's relationship to the victim, out of legal obligation.

On September 9th, prosecutors in the capital murder case of Deputy Goforth disclosed a delicate detail.  A woman who was at the gas station when Shannon Miles allegedly put a gun to the uniformed deputy's back and shot him, multiple times, had a relationship with the married deputy.

Of course, no one wants to reveal information that may embarrass or hurt the deputy's already grieving family, or sully his reputation, but prosecutors had no choice.  While there is no indication the woman had anything to do with the murder, prosecutors were legally obligated to submit what's called a Brady notice, which happens when there is new information or  evidence that could affect a defendant's case.

There is no known connection between the woman and the alleged killer.

Search warrants executed on the home of Defendant Shannon Miles show in addition to the red truck which they believed to be the one spotted at the gas station, deputies found a loaded Smith and Wesson 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun, in a blue baseball bag.  They also found a box made for 40 caliber bullets, which matched the fifteen 40-caliber casings found at the murder scene.   They recovered a bag of white t-shirts, and a white cooler matching the one captured on surveillance video in the bed of the red Ford Ranger.

Anthony Osso, a court-appointed attorney for Shannon Miles, said he is disheartened that the deputy's family had to hear this information, which he said he knew about, before it was presented to him.  He acknowledged that it could have some implications in the case.  He also said he does not believe this was any sort of jealousy-related case, and that he does not know of any connection between the defendant, and anyone connected to Deputy Goforth.