Witness shares what he saw happen before brawl at Astros-Dodgers game

Cell phone video shows a fight breaking out among baseball fans during a game between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers Wednesday night.

Multiple video clips posted to social media appear to show at least four people dressed in Dodgers and Astros gear involved in the brawl in the stands at Minute Maid Park.

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"The Houston fan had a lot to say about [the Dodgers fan] cheering and chanting in our section at our home," said Jeff McCulloch. "He voiced his opinion and that didn’t go over too well."

McCulloch says he and his friends had been sitting just a few rows from the fight.  According to the Houston native, they started recording with their cellphones in disbelief, when the fans started getting violent.


"I was watching him come down with a lot of force," said McCulloch. "I was like; this dude is going to be pretty messed up in the morning."

In one of the videos, a young girl can be seen crying just a few seats away from where the fans are throwing punches.

A security guard then steps in to break up the fight.

"I saw [video of the fight] on Twitter today," said one Astros fan. "I can’t cuss on TV, but we just got to back it up I guess?"

The rivalry between the Dodgers and Astros dates back to the 2017 World Series and the cheating scandal. The Astros won the series in 7 games, but some Dodgers fans believe that happened as the result of cheating.

"Nobody can just say we won," said McCulloch.  "Everybody wants to be upset we won.  We heard it all last night.  But, we still beat you without [cheating] didn’t we."

Houston police say 3 people were issued citations Wednesday for fighting in public, however, no one was arrested.

A spokesperson from the Houston Astros provided the written statement below.

"The Astros maintain a strong fan code of conduct that does not allow for vulgar, threatening, abusive, or offensive behavior of any kind," said an Astros spokesperson.  "We always strive to maintain a family-friendly environment and have been enforcing our standard of conduct and will continue to do so.  Safety for our fans and employees is a priority - we do not condone any behavior that impacts the fan experience.   We are grateful to our security team and our law enforcement partners for their swift response in defusing the situation. The fan experience at Minute Maid Park is among the best in all of baseball. We will strive to ensure that it remains that way for our great fans."