Who dropped Derion Vence off at the hospital after Maleah Davis' disappearance?

A big question for months has been: who dropped Derion Vence off at the hospital after Maleah disappeared?

Police tell FOX 26 Vence hitch-hiked his way to the hospital.

They say he did not know the person who picked him and his son up the night he reported Maleah missing.

Police say they had thought he was dropped off in the same silver Nissan he’d been driving. Turns out, it was a car that looked identical, and police say the driver will remain unnamed because they are irrelevant to the case.

Vence’s attorney was back in court today on the new first degree felony charge of “injury to a child causing serious bodily injury.” The charge can carry up to a life in prison sentence.

Bond was set at just $45,000 making for a total $90,000 bond as Vence is also charged with tampering with Maleah’s corpse.

We spoke with Maleah’s cousin and Vence’s attorney after the court appearance.

“I just feel like there’s no justice. There is no justice being served. Like, you steady resetting court dates. You’re steady lowering bonds. Hell, if that’s the case, just let him out and let the streets deal with it. That’s how I feel," said Tamisha Mendoza, Maleah's relative.
Dorian Cotlar/Derion Vence’s attorney
“I’m not trying this case in the press. You all have acted completely unprofessionally," said Dorian Cotlan, Vence's attorney.

“People are concerned about Maleah Davis," was the response.

“And I understand that. Excuse me," he said.

Vence’s attorney continuing to dodge questions.

Prosecutors say if they do get evidence that warrants a murder charge, they’ll file that charge, but right now they have evidence for a charge that carries the same sentence as murder.

Vence’s arraignment on the latest charge has been reset for September 16.