What's Your Point? June 25, 2017 - Straus and the special session

Greg Groogan leads panelists: Bob Price- Associate Editor Breitbart Texas; Nyanza Moore - Houston attorney and progressive commentator; Marcus Davis -  Radio host Sunday Morning Live (Majic102.1); Wayne Dolcefino, Media consultant; Jessica Colon-Republican strategist; Adrian Garcia - former Harris County Sheriff; in a lively discussion of political topics. 


State lawmakers heading back to Austin for a special session in just 23 days. House Speaker  Joe Straus has likened Governor Greg Abbott’s slate of priority issues to "horse manure".

That verbal backhand  is unlikely to be shrugged off by the state's chief executive, or his ideological ally Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.


Now the conservative Republicans of Texas are urging right leaning members of the House to orchestrate an ouster of Straus. Question - do we have a train wreck on the horizon?