What's Killing You? - deadly sugar

What's Killing You?

The IKEA Malm model of chests and dresser units has killed eight children, most recently, a 2-year old in California. The furniture pieces can tip over if they are not attached to the wall. It is a pain to deal with, but if you own this model, you are strongly encouraged to return it for a full refund since the company has recalled it. If you have other IKEA dresser units or chests that need wall attachments, you can order replacement kits for free by visiting https://info.ikea-usa.com/secureitkits/.

What's Killing You?

Sugar causes heart disease and and bladder cancer, based on a study conducted in the 1960s that is attracting renewed attention. Who funded the research? The sugar sector. Who pulled the plug on the study after the initial findings? The sugar sector. It is now being called evidence that sugar producers knowingly misled the public so that they could cash in on the sweet stuff. The sugar sector says that is not true and that the study was delayed and over budget so it was dropped.

What's killing your dog?

Table scraps, which prompts the need to explain what not to serve your furry best friend over the Thanksgiving holiday. Turkey skin causes pancreatitis for dogs. Turkey bones cause choking and rip through a dog's digestive system. Grapes can cause canine kidney failure. Onions and garlic can wreck a dog's blood cells. The yeast in bread dough can cause dogs to get intoxicated and bloated. What can dogs eat? Turkey, cranberries, unbuttered beans or sweet potatoes.