What if the IRS has the wrong banking information for you?

The IRS has posted a portal to help you track when your stimulus money will arrive.  But many of you contacted us,  concerned that when you checked on your stimulus, the wrong bank account number was listed.

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Some people find the Get My Payment page works fine.  But we've seen complaints from thousands of people who say they're afraid they won't get their stimulus money because the bank accounts the IRS has listed are incorrect.

"The account number they sent my check to is not my account number," said Pamela Jones after checking Gey My Payment.
Jones says she and her daughter checked the portal, but say the last four digits of the bank account numbers listed for them are not correct.

"The account number was not her account number.  So she's trying to figure out where did her check go," said Jones about her daughter.

It's compounding the stressful wait for much-needed stimulus money.

"My daughter, she has three kids, you know.  She needs her check, and a lot of more people need their checks also," said Jones.

Thousands of people across the country complained about the same problem on Twitter and Facebook today, also citing wrong account numbers.

We left messages and emails for the IRS, but haven't heard back yet.

Jones says she can't reach them either.  "There's no way to get through to them right now," she said.

The IRS offers a portal where you can update direct deposit information, which is what many people are now trying to do.

Meantime, Jones hopes the wrong account numbers will be corrected so she and everyone else can get their check.

"It's a big problem because a lot of people really upset right now because the account number that's on the website is not the actual account number," said Jones.

If you receive a paper check and don't have a bank account, a check-cashing service could cost you between one and twelve percent of the check to cash it. Walmart has announced it will cash stimulus checks for free, and the Square mobile banking will let you direct deposit them for free.

Remember the IRS will not contact you by email, phone or text message. If you receive a message in one of those forms about your stimulus, it is likely a scam.