Westchase couple offers free food pantry on front lawn

A couple from Westchase District felt the need to help those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak in their community and were inspired to start a free pantry right on their front lawn.

“I read about the little free pantry years ago online and I just kind of tucked it back here and forgot about it, and then when this came up again I really thought this was the appropriate time to do it,” says Julie who didn’t want us to use her last name.

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Julie and her husband, Todd, started the Tiny Free Pantry last month. It has since taken off within their Westchase community via social media posts. The concept is simple, neighbors are encouraged to give what they can, and/or take what they need. “It’s important that all of us take stock of what we have. So many of us are living in abundance, and there are so many needs right now.” Julie said.

Neighbors come by frequently to fill up the pantry, and the couple work to maintain the stock. They keep their location private so as not to get overwhelmed. People in need find out about their pantry through referrals.


Todd tells FOX 26 “My wife has reached out to some of the school administrators and principles to say “hey if there are families that you know about that have issues or challenges at this time, this is where we are located.”

Not everyone wants to have a pantry right outside their house, but the couple felt it was the right thing to do during these times.

“It’s a tiny, tiny little inconsequential thing to us, but if it gives somebody else hope, if it means the world, if it means that kids aren’t going to bed hungry then we are going to do what we can do,” Julie said.

Non-perishables and toiletries are the best items to keep in the pantry. Also, securing the cabinet is a great idea so it doesn’t get taken away on trash day.