Westbury neighborhood repeatedly hit by fence jumping thieves

We first reported on what Westbury residents are dealing with two weeks ago, and they say it's just getting worse.

"It's a nightmare," said resident Jessica Mosby. 

"The frequency is definitely increasing," said her husband Charles.

"They broke my door down again and took the cheaper junk they passed on the first time," said resident Kyle Braun.

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Supposedly, the two thieves have been identified.

They jump a fence separating the Westbury neighborhood from the bayou and an apartment complex.

"Just yesterday we were hit three times in 16 hours," Mosby said. "The police and constables came out here all three times it doesn't seem to deter them."

"This is the shed door that they ripped in half yesterday when they broke in at 3:30 in the afternoon," said Charles.

One of the thieves cut a huge hole in the fence so he could steal a generator.

"It makes me mad because it's not just stealing now, you're destroying my property," Charles said.

When we were here two weeks ago, police found a man inside this abandoned house.

Now, there's a sign saying do not enter but you can still get in the house.

"It's a joke," Braun said.

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Braun's brother Darren got in contact with Houston Police and the Precinct 5 Constables office who didn't appear to be communicating with each other.

In an email, an HPD commander assures residents a detective has been assigned and is actively investigating.

"I would beat the brakes off somebody if I caught them," said Braun.

I have this feeling of hopelessness like I can't do anything to stop it," Charles said.

"I'm kind of to the point where I don't want to live here anymore," said Mosby.