Wendy’s employee attacks customer at drive-through

A wild confrontation was caught on camera at Wendy’s in Cypress when the employee at the drive-through threw a beverage at the customer and beat on her car. It was caught on camera at Wendy’s off Highway 290 Saturday night.

Employees at the fast-food restaurant told FOX 26 their coworker who committed the attack has been fired.

“We were just freaking out,” said Jessica Martinez, the customer who recorded the confrontation on her cell phone. “We were like, ‘What the hell?’ Like that’s how customers get treated.”

Martinez says she and her family were returning to San Antonio after going to Monster Jam in Houston when she stopped by the drive-through because her daughter was hungry. No one answered at the window.

“We kind of pointed to our watch,” said Martinez. “She told us that they were closed. She didn’t explain why. We asked, ‘Okay well it’s only 10:40. Y’all close at 11.’ They’re like, 'Well, we’re closed. We’re like, 'We want to talk to a manager.'”

But when the manager came to the window, Martinez says the employee intervened.

“The lady behind him... pushes him out of the way and closes the door,” said Martinez. “And then starts going off.”

“You gonna keep taking my picture?” the employee can be heard saying on the video.

“We need the number,” Martinez replies.

That’s when the employee leaves to fill up a beverage, saying she’d just lost her job.

“I lost my job!” the employee says in the video. “I lost my job! I lost my job!”

“She started filling up the cup with soda or whatever she filled it up with,” said Martinez. “We saw that she was gonna throw it at us, and I had my godson in the middle—the 9-month-old.”

The video shows Martinez rolled up the window a split second before the employee threw the beverage at Martinez’s car. On camera, the employee goes on to hit the car with her hands.

“She starts banging on my window very hard and started jerking on all the handles,” said Martinez.

Martinez says she was able to drive away and call the police.

As for the employee who was fired, Wendy’s declined to tell FOX 26 the employee’s name or give any further comment.