Was That Fake? - 'Mandela effect'

Was That Fake?

A lot of people are saying that Will Smith portraying a genie in the upcoming live action edition of "Aladdin" is reminding them of the comedian Sinbad when he portrayed a genie, although that never happened. There is a photo of a VHS copy for the movie "Shazam" but there is no evidence, footage, screenshots, news articles, reviews or IMDB.com entry for this supposed movie. Yet, so many people vividly remember Sinbad as a genie character.

To add to the confusion, College Humor posted a satirical video on April Fool's Day 2016 with Sinbad portraying a genie, but it was definitely not him from the 1990s. The 1996 movie "Kazaam" was about a child who finds a genie in a lamp, but that genie was portrayed by Shaquille O'Neal, not Sinbad.