Was that fake? - honey butter ice cream

Is Whataburger collaborating with Blue Bell on a honey butter ice cream?

A post with a picture of the ice cream was shared all over. It seems to be a Texas dream come true, but it is only a dream. We called Whataburger and they confirmed it is fake.

Anchor Kaitlin Monte emailed a graphic designer she met last month, when we covered the Whataburger-Shiner beer collaboration that proved to also not be real.

It turns out this new picture, was done by the same designer.

So why did he come up with the designs?

“I made these graphics because I was told to in a dream. I now believe I am a prophet. I believe these are actual products from the future and I am the chosen one to take these messages and deliver them to the Texans of today,” jokes graphic designer Mark Fallis. “That is a joke, but seriously, being a Texan, I love these brands and have always wanted to design something for them. I took the whole IHOB marketing idea and decided to put my own spin on it. I made these in hopes that brands as well as their agencies, such as McGarrah Jessee, would hopefully hire me in the future. At the very least have something well known in my portfolio. I want to thank everyone that has taken notice.”

You can find his designs online here.

Whataburger sent FOX26 the following statement about the viral image:

“While we love this idea, we don’t have any plans to create a Honey Butter ice cream at this time. But we do have a delicious workaround: try drizzling our Honey Butter sauce (available at H-E-B and Brookshire’s) over your favorite vanilla ice cream.”