Was That Fake? - Drew Barrymore magazine interview

Was that fake?

There are some questions about an interview with Drew Barrymore for Egypt Air's in-flight magazine.

Adam Baron tweeted a picture saying the interview was surreal. It talks about how she's left acting to be a full-time mom, how she's had around 17 relationships, says psychologists believe not having a father figure left her, quote "subconsciously seeking attention and care from a male figure", and pointing out none of her relationships worked out.

Is this fake? A woman on Twitter named Aida Takla O'Reilly confirmed she did the interview and points out publications can alter them after the fact but that it was genuine and far from fake.

Then, Drew Barrymore’s team told Huffington Post Drew did not do this interview. They say they are working with the Egypt Air PR team.

So is it fake? We'll have to wait to see what Egypt Air ultimately says, if anything.


Was that fake?

There’s lot of chatter about the Green Bay Packers and their use of the American flag at a recent game.

One tweet said, "Not sure what country today's Packers-Bills game is being played in, but that's not my flag."

Is this a Photoshopped picture like we see so often these days? This is not fake.

The Green Bay Packers did use this version of flag, but said they did so to save room.  They had a marching band and color guard on the field, so they needed the space.

A lot of fans not happy about it, saying showing only 27 stars was disrespectful. Others saying it looked the Netherlands flag.