Viewer Takes it to Akin to get healthclub refund

The idea of working out at a health club is to help get rid of frustrations, not add to them. So when a FOX 26 viewer couldn't get the refund his health club promised, he Took it to Akin!

The Fitness Connection has dozens of locations in the Houston area.  Early last December Rick Perez joined the one, on Federal and I-10.  In addition to joining, he hired a Fitness Connection personal trainer.

"I went ahead and purchased 3 sessions for $100.  And I was told that I could cancel as long as I canceled before they took the money out," Perez explained.

Perez said he changed his mind about the personal training session.   A few days before Fitness Connection was scheduled to debit the money from his bank account, he said he asked for his $100 back and Fitness Connection said OK, no problem.

"They told me they couldn't help me at the store level. That I had to go online,” he said.

He said he had trouble navigating the website and asked for help at the store. But, he claimed no one there could help either. So he emailed the district manager. That was in mid-December.

"To this day I have not heard from him or from personal fitness."

Consumer Reporter Emily Akin tracked down the Fitness Connection's regional president, Kenneth Arterberry. 

"We have been in touch with Mr. Perez and identified there were a couple of things we could have done to improve his experience. We will resolve this matter in an expedient manner….Our goal is to continue this positive trend with our members and guests going forward. We really appreciate you bringing this to our attention.” Arterberry said.