Vanessa Guillén’s family continues their fight for justice ahead of funeral services

We have seen the family and supporters of Vanessa Guillén gather in her honor across the country. They tell FOX 26, they will continue these demonstrations until there is justice for Vanessa. 

“I mean no matter where you are, there’s people from California, Florida, like from Germany. No matter where you are, we have to stand up for each other, and no matter who you are, Black, brown, white, we have to stick together for what’s right, and people always try to make it political. This is not political, this is a human’s life we’re talking about.“ said Lupe Guillén, Vanessa’s younger sister.

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Mayra, Vanessa’s older sister, and Lupe take a lot on their shoulders, continuing the fight for justice and honoring Vanessa every step of the way. While visiting a mural that was painted in Vanessa’s honor, the sisters were given a surprise donation of $30,000 from Houston rapper Trea the Truth. It was much appreciated to offset the financial burden that’s already on top of the grief they will always carry.

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“It means a lot when people come together and support us, and keep my sister's name alive, her story alive, and you know I hope to see everyone that wanted to join us this Friday and it’ll be a hard day but we will manage,” said Mayra. 

A memorial service, open to the public, will take at Chavez High School on Friday. Lupe tells FOX 26 that, “Anyone is welcome to come by. My family is going to be there, I’m going to be there, and just for Houston to show up and anyone is welcome.“

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Guillen’s supporters were out over the Southwest Freeway raising awareness of the case. They say although Vanessa will soon be laid to rest, their quest for justice will continue. 


Adrianna Marin, one of the supporters, said, “I believe it’s good to keep it alive, I mean because they are never going to get their daughter back. That’s for sure. Luckily, I still have mine, yes she’s a toddler right now, but I still get to go home to my daughter, and the support that we give is the least that we can do to come together as a community.“

The information for the public memorial can be found here