Tropical depression 3 forms in Gulf, time to get ready is now

"A tropical storm and a hurricane can both be catastrophic," said Francesco Sanchez with Harris County's Office of emergency management.

We don't want either one. But Mother Nature might have different plans.

We are a few days away from knowing the specifics.

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"We have about a 90 percent chance of that making landfall somewhere in the U.S.," said Nickea Bradley the city's Emergency Management Coordinator.

Officials say now is the time to prepare.

"Certainly COVID-19 adds a new layer of complexity," Sanchez said. "The response is going to have to be community-wide and partner-wide but we're ready for it."

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City and county officials say whatever the weather brings try to practice social distancing as much as possible.

"For social distancing its important to get ready early," said Sanchez "it's also important to not all go at the same time and take everything off the shelves."

"Our COVID and or social distancing responsibilities should not trump saving someone's life," Bradley said.

Make sure you have everything you need like food bottled water medicine anything you know you will have to have if you're stuck at home or a shelter for several days.

You might also consider putting together a mobile backpack.

"That's pre-prepared so that you can grab it on the fly and or it's in your car and when you have to lèave it's in your car said Bradley.