Tornado touches down near Katy

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It's not something you see everyday and they are not always caught on camera but Sunday afternoon folks in Katy were able to capture footage of a tornado.

Andy Blasuer was one of those who did and says at the time he was enjoying lunch with his wife.

"You know just eating some crawfish, some people on the patio were saying there is a tornado, being in Katy you don't really believe it and then looked out the window and sure enough there it is", says Blasuer.

After taking video he decided to drive around in search of where it hit and found debris near the Jordan Ranch neighborhood off I-10.

"I was a little worried it was going to get my house but in the end it was alright", says Blasuer.

He wasn't the only one too, a bunch of people snapped pictures of it.

"Somebody had spotted the tornado on the horizon and so I dropped everything, I'm kind of a weather nerd, so I put everything down and started taking video, I got about 3.5 minutes from it", says Chase McVicker who was leaving church Sunday with his wife when they saw it.

McVicker also captured video of the twister and says it was a shock to see.

"It was probably equal parts frightening and exciting, being a weather junkie it was exciting to see my first tornado, it's a significant weather event, you always hear about tornado warning or watches but I've never actually seen one", says McVicker.

The National Weather Service confirmed the Tornado did touch down and in some video taken by FOX 26 viewers you can see that.

"I've been trying to see a tornado ever since that movie Twister came out when I was a kid, you know trying to see it, I actually lived in the panhandle for two years and never saw a tornado and it just unexpectedly came up in Katy, it never happens", says Blasuer.