Top stories this morning 11/6

It was a horrifying turn of developments for a husband and wife, while returning home from a west Houston store. Just after midnight, the couple was held up at gunpoint at sovereign town homes, a gated community.

            Police say when the husband reached for his wallet, the suspect shot the man once, killing him. The shooter is still on the run.

            There is some amazing video coming out of north Texas after more tornado touchdowns. It was a frightening scene in Fort Worth, when a possible twister ripped part of a roof off a building.

            There was a huge amount of debris scattered onto the parking lot, damaging several cars. So far, there are no reports of injuries.


Ozzy Osbourne is getting more attention in San Antonio, 33 years after he desecrated the Alamo. Ozzy, along with his son jack, tagged along a history channel film crew Thursday.

            Decades ago, he was reportedly 'banned for life' for urinating on the Alamo but, the ban last just 10 years and he eventually apologized.

            The Osbourne’s' new show features Ozzy and his son touring the world to build a better father-son relationship.