Three would-be robbers shot to death in two days

The most recent fatal attempted robbery shooting happened around 3:15 Tuesday afternoon at Sand liquor store near Greenspoint Mall.

The gunman appeared to be young police say and made his intentions clear to the clerk inside.

After pulling a gun and demanding money the  would be robber got into a struggle with the store clerk and ended up getting shot with his own gun.

“During the struggle the weapon discharged and the young man lost his life,” said HPD homicide detective Ivan Ulloa.

Houston police tell us the whole thing was captured on surveillance video.

“I can’t discuss anything that happened that I can see,” Ulloa said. “But what I told you that’s true information.”

The name of the dead gunman hasn’t been released.

This fatal shooting comes on the heels of another deadly hold -up around 6 p.m. Monday at a store in the 9000 block of Beechnut.

Police say three men attempted to rob that store .

One of those men reportedly struck a 37-year-old clerk in the head with a pistol.

That would be robber was shot by another employee in the store.

One of his alleged accomplices was also shot when the trio ran off.

Both of them later died.

The shootings will be reviewed by a Harris County Grand Jury.