Three horses mutilated in a little more than a month in Pearland, west Harris County area

At least three horses have been mutilated in the Pearland and west Harris County area over a matter of weeks. The most recent killing was yesterday.

"I've never seen that in my life," said Raymond Breaux.

At 6 a.m. Monday morning Breaux did what he does twice a day every day. He checked on his horses on the eastbound feeder road of Beltway 8 near Kirby.

He found his horse Oreo dead on the ground.

"I seen him busted up," Breaux said. "Meat from his butt and side was just all cut open."


A few miles away, on Wayside, Amaya's beloved horse Miriam was killed the same way.

"She was murdered for consumption no doubt about it," said Tina Amaya.

It happened sometime between Thursday, May 21 and Friday, May 22.

"It was hard to see the moment you saw here you knew what had happened," Amaya said. "You know they took meat off of her. It wasn't random cuts of meat, it was specific cuts of meat."

"I'm heartbroken about it," said Jason Bockel. "It's sad it's very sad."

Two weeks ago, we told you about Bockel's horse Goldie.

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Investigators believe all three horses were killed for their meat.

Also in all the cases, other horses were in the pastures watching the horrendous act.

"She was part of our family and we miss her very much," said Amaya. "The other horses are very traumatized they still look for her."