Pearland police say stabbing death of horse worst animal cruelty case they've ever seen

"Nobody should ever have to go through that and see what I seen," said Tyler Bockel.

Wednesday morning was like most for Bockel. 

He went to the property his grandfather owns to feed and water the family's two horses Goldie and Sugar.

"I seen one of my horses tied up to the tree branch and my other horse laying there," Bockel said.

Sugar was alive.

Goldie was dead.

"I hit the ground immediately she was butchered. She was murdered," said Bockel.

The police told Tyler's father Jason Bockel they've never seen anything like this before.

They were just speechless," he said.

The suspect or suspects cut the fence and are familiar with horses. Police theorize they killed Goldie to process her meat.

"And why? I never knew anybody would do that to a horse or eat a horse," Bockel said. "That's just disgusting. It's gross. I don't understand it."