Thieves with a gun target several northwest Houston neighborhoods

In northwest Houston, residents say their cameras have caught at least two young men breaking into cars. They believe the pair have hit up homes in the Oak Forest and Cole Creek Manor neighborhoods.

One of the videos shows one of them pointing a gun while the other carefully removes a window and runs off with a backpack.

Neighbors worry the pair may have picked up more guns since their crime spree began on Wednesday.

One of the victims did not want to reveal his identity because he fears for his safety. His truck was broken into early Friday morning.

He says that same night the thieves also broke into his neighbors cars -- taking a wallet and a gun.

Just three miles away, Bea Garcia and her neighbors also believe the pair broke into their cars.

"It was July 4. I got up in the morning to go to the grocery store and noticed my car door was ajar," Garcia recalled.

She says her iPad was stolen and a neighbor also had his gun taken from his car.

She is confident her car doors were locked.

"I’m not really sure how they got in but I’m just really thankful that they didn’t break the windows so that I didn’t have to deal with that," Garcia added.

The victims filed reports with the Houston Police Department and are saddened to see how young the thieves appear.

They hope they will be stopped before they hurt someone with the gun.

If you recognize the men, please contact Crime Stoppers of Houston. You may be eligible for a cash reward.