The Rusk School students helping Flint, Mich. residents

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Students from The Rusk School answered the call in late April to help collect cases of water for the 100,000 Cases for Flint project for those affected by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. They have collected more than 200 cases of water along with other supplies.

The students were also able to donate some items to victims of the Tax Day 2016 floods in the Houston area. Many of the children at The Rusk School are disabled or have special needs. The faculty wanted the children to be involved in this project to show them that although they may have their day-to-day challenges, it’s important to reach out to those in need.

"They need to be able to take it with them as they get older because you never know what situation you will be in in life to where you need something you need to be able to know to give to help somebody else out."

The school will accept more donations until the end of May. You can also drop off supplies at Sunrise Shelter. To learn more about what is needed and how you can help, visit