The Missing: Family of woman missing for 2 years gets answers days after story aired on FOX 26

FOX 26 aired the story of LaDawn Copeland in our series "The Missing" on Monday, May 1. 

The 37-year-old vanished in March 2021 under concerning circumstances, and her family feared the worst. 

However, on May 3, two days after the story aired Houston police announced that Copeland had been located. 


Her mother, Sharon Barnes, says a missing person detective called her and told her that LaDawn didn't want to see or speak to her family, but that she confirmed her birthday and her brother's name. 

Barnes says she doesn't think that's not enough. She wants detectives to provide her with some sort of proof that the person who called her was actually Ladawn. She says her daughter was in a bad mental state the last time she was seen, and if it was LaDawn who called, she wants to be certain that she's mentally stable and not being held against her will. 

"I need to know for sure. I don't see why they can't do a welfare check. I just need somebody to talk to her, not to see her, but talk to her and hear her voice," Barnes said. 

Barnes says she's not sure why LaDawn wouldn't want to speak with her family, and that it's out of character.


However, she is finding some solace that after more than two years of not knowing, she's finally getting some of the answers that she needs to move on. 

"I have great relief, and if it hadn't been for you, this wouldn't have come about, because no one was looking. I love her, and I miss her, so please call someone. We don't need to talk, I just need to know you're alright in your mental state," Barnes pleaded.