The Breakdown - Online privacy

Europe has been taking the lead in policy on data collection and user privacy over recent years in terms of what companies can gather about you when you are using their website. Is it time for the U.S. to catch up?

Anchor Kaitlin Monte breaks down new recommendations made by hundreds of business for what U.S. privacy law should include.

The Washington Post got a first-look at the suggestions being made to lawmakers regarding your privacy. They come from a lobbying group representing more than 200 companies from all different industries, who want national regulation on data collection.

Data matters to more than just tech companies these days. Pretty much everyone gathers digital data.

So what's being recommended?

  • Clean up current legislation, to go from industry-specific policies to universal policies so there won't be double standards.
  • Look at how user give consent, and your right to change or delete your data in some cases.
  • Create national standards for how and when you get notified of a data breach
  • Have the feds be the enforcers. So far states have done most the data breach handling.
  • Create considerations for small businesses, so they won’t be crushed by regulations, since they don't necessarily process as much data

The ball is now in the lawmakers' court. It’s up to them to craft what such rules would look like and then agree on passing them. The goal is to create an even playing field where people will have to make an honest profit, not just quick cash through data privacy intrusion.