Thanksgiving leftovers: A guide to how long your holiday favorites last

Now that Thanksgiving is over, many people are heading home with a good amount of leftovers.

But how long do leftovers actually last?

The Daily Meal offers a handy guide for the most common dishes at a Thanksgiving dinner and how long they’ll last in the fridge or freezer.


-Fridge: Three to four days

-Freezer: Four months in the freezer or six months if stored in gravy or broth


-Fridge: Three to four days

-Freezer: One to two months

Mashed potatoes

-Fridge: Three to four days

-Freezer: If there’s dairy in the potatoes then they’ll only last one to two months, but if they’re dairy-free then they can last anywhere from 10 months to a year.


-Fridge: Three to four days

-Freezer: One to two months

Cranberry sauce

-Fridge: If it’s alcohol-free, it can last up to a week in the fridge, but if there’s alcohol it can last up to two weeks.

-Freezer: It’s not recommended to freeze cranberry sauce because it can get too watery.


-Fridge: Three to four days

-Freezer: Up to one month

Green bean casserole

-Fridge: Three to five days

-Freezer: Four to six months


-Fridge: Three to four days

-Freezer: One to two months

Macaroni and cheese

-Fridge: Three to five days

-Freezer: One to two months


-Fridge: Any type of pie lasts about three to four days.

-Freezer: Solid pies such as pecan or pumpkin last one to two months, but fluffy or custard-based pies should not be frozen.

Apple pies last two to three days in the pantry.

Dinner rolls

-Fridge: One to two days if they’re hard, four to five days if they’re soft

-Freezer: Any kind of dinner roll will last two to three months


-Fridge: Full-bodied white wines last three to five days with a cork. Light wines and rose last five to seven days. Red wine is three to five days in a cool, dark place with a cork.

-Freezer: Any wine lasts two to three months


-Fridge: Up to one week

-Freezer: Two to three months

If the bread is stored properly at room temperature in the pantry, it can last one to two days.

Sweet potato casserole

-Fridge: Three to five days, but sprinkling it with lemon juice can make it last a little longer

-Freezer: 10 to 12 months