Texas teamwork saves dog left for dead, sends her to new home in Atlanta

Devon is a lab who was found on a road by Fort Bend County Animal Control, with a broken paw and a gunshot wound. Veterinarians determined she'd been dragged behind a car.

Rescue group "Save A Lab" partnered with Fort Bend County's "Saving Our Companion Animals" program, and sprang into action, getting her the care she needed through a clinic, along with a foster home.  When Devon's forever home in Atlanta was found, more volunteers jumped in to help out.

“Social media has been very helpful in helping us come together quickly on behalf of a dog especially in an emergency,” said Michelle Sharp, of “Save A Lab.”

An organization called "Pilots and Paws" found a pilot from the group "Hank’s Flights," who provided a free flight, and off Devon went, to Atlanta.

“We would not be able to move Devon to her new home, if we did not have their support and generosity to get her there,” said Barbara Vass, of Fort Bend’s “Saving Our Companion Animals.”