Texas Southern University debate team members discuss Democratic debate

On the eve of the 2020 Democratic Debate that will be held on Texas Southern University's campus, the student body is addressing hot topics they hope will be discussed by the candidates.

Wednesday night's meeting was held by TSU's debate team, where the students got an opportunity to discuss the issues that matter the most to them.

Those topics were student debt, employment opportunities for college grads, reparations for African Americans, and police brutality, just to name a few. The students said they will also be paying close attention to how the candidates utilize their time while on the stage.

Prince Ibe, the president of TSU's debate team tells FOX 26, "As debaters we really teach our students to be critical thinkers. We teach them what to look out for, and we also teach them about policy. So of course the whole team is excited to actually have this Democratic debate on our campus, and we are really all excited to go, because we want to learn new tactics, and see in real time how these policymakers wish to change their actual policies."

The students will be watching and listening, being critical of every move the candidates make. Ibe says, "Of course, I mean as hard as we are on our debate team members, we're going to be even harder on these individuals, these candidates, because if anybody has true power to change anything it would be one of them."

Thursday morning on FOX 26's morning show, some members of TSU's debate team will be in our studios to discuss what they are hoping to gain from tomorrow's Democratic debate. You can catch that beginning at 5 a.m.