Texas remains a red state despite much anticipated blue wave

After an election night when a much anticipated "blue wave" fizzled and Donald Trump easily captured the Lone Star State, Republican Dan Crenshaw cruised easily to his second term in Congress and today insisted a majority of Texans just aren't buying what Democrats are selling.

"There is no platform for the Democratic Party except for the radical one, the one that wants to transition away from all fossil fuels, cost Texas millions of jobs, raise your taxes, open your borders, de-fund your police. These are not things that people want, so this myth of turning Texas Blue was just that, it was a myth," said Crenshaw.

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With Democrats failing to flip control of the Texas House and rolling snake-eyes on multiple bids to capture Republican-held Congressional districts, Representative Lizzie Fletcher's successful defense of her CD-7 seat in West Houston was a rare bright spot for "Team Blue" 

With a second term secured, Fletcher pledged advocacy for constituents still reeling from the pandemic.


"Additional Coronavirus relief, which I think, has to be priority number one. I hope it doesn't have to wait until the next Congress. We have small businesses who are hanging on by their fingernails. We have people here who are waiting for economic impact payments, who need that additional unemployment funding and we have got to get an additional relief package done as soon as possible," said Fletcher who added she's eager to collaborate with Republicans because "people in my community want us to work together."