Texans still experiencing delays receiving unemployment benefits  

Some viewers tell us they continue to have trouble reaching the Texas Workforce Commission to receive their unemployment benefits.

The TWC added eight call centers that operate 7 days a week and beefed up their computer servers to handle the nearly two million people who applied for unemployment when the shutdown began.
But they say many calls are still coming in and they're working to answer them.

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"It's got to have been hundreds of calls. Your day sometimes revolves around calling, calling, calling. I've written a letter," said Mike Robbins.

Robbins says he's spent two months trying to reach the Texas Workforce Commission to straighten out a rejection letter after being approved for unemployment benefits.

"I received a letter backdated April 22, saying I was approved for the pandemic unemployment assistance. So today's June 24th. You know, it's been months," said Robbins.

He says he finally received a call back last week but still waits for a resolution. The Texas Workforce Commission says they're still receiving a high volume of calls.

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"We are not getting the same volume of calls, but it's still a good number of calls on a daily basis," said Cisco Gamez, spokesperson for the TWC.

He suggests calling mornings, evenings, and weekends, or using Larry the Chatbot on the TWC website.

"Larry the Chatbot has helped over one million people and answer questions over 4 million questions," said Gamez.

Changes are coming. The job search requirement resumes July 6. And the additional $600 a week ends July 31st, though Congress may extend it.

The TWC says they'll look into Robbins' claim.

Gamez offers some advice to anyone in similar circumstances, saying "In general, in that situation, we would encourage people to continue requesting payment, because that will speed up the process once they do become eligible."

"It's just frustrating not knowing when it's going to end," said Robbins.

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