Teacher caught on camera jumping on the hood of a mom's car

A Fort Bend ISD teacher is caught on camera jumping on the hood of a parent's car. The unbelievable video was recorded as a mom says she was trying to take a shortcut through the elementary school lot to get to Dulles High, but she says a teacher first waved for her to stop and then jumped onto her car to keep her from cutting through.

It was not only shocking to Rita Trimmer-Ray. She says it’s equally as unacceptable for a Dulles Elementary School teacher to jump onto the hood of her SUV.  

"Who does this?” she asks. "I thought he has anger management issues, but I think the biggest thing is had a student performed in that manner what would Fort Bend had done to that student? That student would have been punished very harshly.”  

Trimmer-Ray says she was running late dropping her daughter off at Dulles High School so she decided to cut through Dulles Elementary.

"I turned into the median and there was the first teacher who says 'no this is closed off' and I thought if I go out I have to go back around and get back in line and we’re already late. ”So the mother of two drove around cones that were blocking the road and continued driving.

"I get to the second male teacher, and he’s flagging me down saying 'no this is blocked off' and I said 'let me turn please. We’re running late. It’s STAAR testing,'" she says.

She tried to proceed, and the Dulles Elementary teacher jumped onto her car.  

"For a teacher, a professional to act in this manor was beyond inexcusable," she says.  

Her daughter recorded a 28-second video of the teacher on the hood of their car.  Then you see the teacher stand up on the hood and he jumps off the SUV.

The upset mom says if this were a student, “the district would label that behavior as uncontrollable and they would be in an alternative program until they graduate."

We’re told this occurred in a driveway that's always closed to morning traffic, as part of the school’s regular safety procedures. Fort Bend ISD also says, "While it's important for parents to follow proper traffic flow to ensure safety, the district does not condone employees using physical means to stop a vehicle.” The district goes on to say administrators are reviewing the circumstances and will take appropriate action.