T.H. Rogers students play in 32 tons of snow

Houston-area children at T.H. Rogers had a snow day. Over 32 tons of snow was shipped in and blanketed the campus courtyard on Thursday.

Marty Boone with Be An Angel, a non-profit organization, says this is a chance for the kids to see and play with snow. For many of the children, this was their first time to be able to play in it. 

Boone tells FOX 26 this event is especially fun and exciting for a segment of the student body, those who have disabilities and or who are profoundly deaf. 

She says this is a sensory event for those children, having the chance to feel and touch the snow.

Be An Angel Fund has been celebrating its annual Snow Day event for 33 years. 

The children were also able to take full advantage of the Holiday Express Train and were able to interact with animals at a petting zoo. There was also a "Signing Santa," for students to express their Christmas wishes.