Sugar Land ice cream store owner to refund $500 tip to customer

We showed you Monday night that a customer was stuck with a $500 tip on ice cream cones. Now, we're told the store owner is cutting them a refund.

We introduced you to Carolyn Sion who says her daughter ended up with a $500 tip on her receipt for three ice cream cones after using the credit card machine at Marble Slab on Highway 6 in Sugar Land

BACKGROUND: Family says paying for ice cream cones at Sugar Land shop cost them $500 tip

The owner put a warning sign on the register, telling us that other customers also ended up with high tips from using their credit card machine. 

After our story aired, a spokesperson now tells us the store owner will give the family a $500 refund check. 


She says the owner had immediately called his credit card company and was told it was best to have the customer dispute the charge with their card issuer, which takes time to process. 


She says the store’s credit card processing company has implemented a way the store can reverse charges the same day to prevent this from happening again.