Still waiting for your stimulus check? Here's how to track it

Some of you have reached out to us, frustrated you still haven't received your stimulus check after months of waiting.

A House Committee estimated some 30 million people were still waiting for stimulus checks in June.

"I was counting on this money to make repairs on my house," said Crystal Quintero, who still hasn't received her stimulus check.

Like many, she discovered hers was deposited into an incorrect bank account.


"They said, 'Oh, it looks like it went into a different account number, it's the exact account number minus the one,'" she explained.

Quintero has since corrected the account information, but is still waiting for the funds.

The IRS says there are many reasons why people haven't received their checks yet. If you don't file taxes and the IRS doesn't have your direct deposit information, you'll have to wait for a paper check to be mailed to you. Some paper checks will go out as late as September 11th.

If you received a letter signed by President Trump saying your payment arrived, but it hasn't, call the IRS at 800-919-9835 or submit Form 3911.

The postal service may not have been able to deliver it to you.  You can check the status of your check on the Get My Payment app on the IRS website.

If the app says "Need More Information," you can update your bank account information and mailing address.

It's also possible that your check was stolen. Or ask your bank if it was garnished for unpaid debt.

Meantime, the House passed the HEROES ACT, to send out a second stimulus check of up to $6000 per household. You can enter the number of your dependents and adjusted gross income into the second stimulus check calculator on the OMNI Calculator website.

It estimates the amount you could expect if the bill passes.
Jasmine Mah co-created this calculator and the site's popular first stimulus check calculator.

"I think even getting an idea of what could happen if it passes, is useful. Even if you can plan a couple weeks ahead, that's useful," Mah said.

But the Republican-led Senate is sitting on that bill. Instead, President Trump said he favors a generous stimulus check, and the Senate is considering a $450 a week credit for workers who go back to work before the extra $600 a week unemployment benefit runs out at the end of July.

Whatever is decided, many people say they simply need their stimulus funds.

"I basically have my car sitting in my driveway that I can't get tires on. I've overdrafted in my bank account trying to pay the minimum on everything," said Quintero.