Spring woman in critical condition after shooting, HCSO looking for answers

A healthcare worker who was expecting to get called into work ended up rushed to the ER at her job after she was shot.

Alexis Jones was on-call at the healthcare center where she works and driving her company car when someone opened fire on the vehicle leaving the 26-year-old in critical condition.


"To have your daughter struggling, fighting for her life no parent should have to go through it, not knowing if she's going to pull through,” cries Alexis's stepmother Christie Jones. Alexis has already had three surgeries since she was shot on Wednesday. "There were three holes in her intestines, her pancreas, her kidneys, her left kidney was injured. Her stomach has a hole in it,” her stepmom explains.

"She's hurting. I'm hurting. We don't have any answers. It's very frustrating. You keep trying to make sense of it all but it doesn't make sense because she wasn't doing anything,” says Alexis' dad Derrick Jones.

The 26-year-old was driving on Mesquite Ridge near Aldine Westfield in Spring on Wednesday with her friend in the car. "All of a sudden she saw a group of kids in the neighborhood and she heard gunshots,” explains her mom. The teens started running and the two ladies realized bullets traveled through the trunk and ripped through Alexis' back.

"She has a chest tube in her lungs. She's had blood and fluid in her lungs. She has a feeding tube,” says Mrs. Jones.

“We've been on an emotional rollercoaster for days now. I don't want anybody else having to go through what me and my family had to go through these last 4 or 5 days,” adds Mr. Jones.

Their daughter works as an Ultra Sound Technician. Her friend ended up rushing her to the Emergency Room at the very urgent care facility where Alexis works and was on-call last Wednesday.

"She's very sad and she's traumatized so from a mental standpoint she will never be the same. Although we're praying for a 100% recovery. We are Christians and we know God is in control,” says Mrs. Jones.

"I know someone knows something,” adds Mr. Jones. "Please come forward so the police can find the people or person who did this. So they can be put in jail. She wants justice. She wants them to be held accountable for what they did to her,” says Alexis' mom.

Alexis, who is still in ICU, is showing signs of improvement and her breathing tube has now been removed.

Meanwhile, the Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating. By the time detectives arrived at the scene I'm told they found little more than bullet casings littering the area.

Investigators are looking for residents whose home cameras may have caught video of the gunman.