Spirit of giving makes Las Vegas teen feel 'amazing'

The spirit of giving was loud and clear in Las Vegas this week. A 13 year old boy organized a drive to collect more than a thousand shoes for people in need. Kyler Nipper founder of Kyler’s Kicks explains the criteria for the shoes donated; “New, used, old... like any shoes.”

From sneakers to boots and even some sassy stilettos, Kyler says, “We have people come and donate shoes worth $100 that are brand new from the box. Then we have people donate shoes that have been their kid’s favorite shoes.” 

13-year-old Kyler surpassed his goal collecting more than a thousand shoes to hand out to the homeless, he proclaimed, “I’m basically speechless on how it makes me feel because it makes me feel amazing.” Kyler started his charity after he was bullied and stabbed because of his shoes. Nipper recalled, "And then one of my friends gave me a pair of shoes and I wasn't getting bullied anymore and I felt amazing and I want other people to feel that way." 

 On Christmas Eve, he got to show his good deed that may change the path of hundreds. Heather Engle runs the Las Vegas rescue mission which feeds about 600 homeless people each night, she says, "A pair of shoes for them could change everything on the dime.

It could actually just give them a little more pride to stand up for who they are." She was touched by Kyler’s story. And she wasn't the only one, Kyler got some help thanks to Zappos and the Golden Knights, and members of the surrounding community, all eager to be a part of something special for the holidays.